SouthDakotaCoupons Press Release

February 12, 2017

Southdakotacoupons are designed for advertisers to collectively create the largest coupon advertising site for South Dakota.

Dale Hannasch started an online coupon/ad site called SouthDakotaCoupons based out of Watertown, SD. This new interactive website allows advertisers to present their information by city & type of business in South Dakota. Potential customers can search the whole state for offers depending on their geographical interests. The advertisers can make offers and also have a business page that contains maps, business bio, coupons, announcements, pictures & links to facebook and and their website. Coupons can be printed or redeemed with smart phone at store. The visibility of this product gives the advertiser an internet presence at a fraction of the cost of a website.

Collectively advertising with businesses in different cities allows the advertiser internet exposure they would not get on their own. Every business has a following and when they are on the site they will be looking at other advertisers which will create a snowball effect. This will attract more customers and more advertisers. The thousands of tourists coming to South Dakota will also benefit by searching by city for coupons and finding deals that otherwise would be unavailable. The search is SouthDakotaCoupons, the site is