Data Truck

Data Truck

If you think you cant get high-speed Internet service because of your location, think again! Data Truck provides high-speed Internet Service in and around the Watertown, SD area. Using advanced wireless technology, we deliver secure, FCC-protected Internet service directly to your home or business.

Company Profile

Our Mission is to provide our customers with reliable, high-speed Internet Service within 15 miles of Watertown, SD. We provide easy, affordable WiMax Internet Service throughout most of Watertown. For customers outside our WiMax coverage area, we offer our Pro-Installed Internet Service.

If youre within our WiMax coverage area, you can be online today with our WiMax Internet Service. For our Pro-Installed service, installations are typically completed within a few days after receipt of order. If you are considering DSL, cable, satellite, or other Internet service for your business or home you are a prime candidate for Data Truck Internet Service. Try us today!
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(605) 886-7070

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East Point Plaza, N. HWY 81
Watertown, SD 57201
Phone: 6058867070