South Dakota Coupons

Over 100,000 MailboxMony direct mail post cards have been mailed out to over 42,000 homes in Aberdeen, Brookings and Watertown in 2014, That is over 3.6 million coupons mailed free to consumers and paid for by the advertisers. These three cities are unique in that they are visited by each other for sporting events, concerts, business etc. and we are helping businesses be discovered through our direct mail marketing and our website 

MailboxMony and Social Media are integrated together.  Consumers can find your facebook page or website from your ad. Customers can alert their social media following to watch for when MailboxMony will hit their mailbox. That way, they are anticipating your ad being delivered right to their door and are eager to find out what you are promoting. Coupons are also placed on our new updated customer friendly website Each advertiser has a Business Info Page....with business bio, offers/announcements, pictures and most important Links to their Facebook Page and Website. site allows consumers to search for businesses by Industry, region or town. We just added a classified section where people can post products for sale, rent or whatever they want to promote. The cost is $1 a day for a minimum of 30 days for online advertising or free for 90 days when you buy a direct mail ad and we will promote your vender info ongoing. Our Goal for 2015 is to mail out to over 45,000 homes in these three cities and promote businesses and events all across the state on line at

Thank You for Supporting your local businessess and Thank You for supporting MailboxMony & 

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Phone: 605-880-5555