Speedy's Tire & Repair

Our Bumper to Bumper Service

At Speedy's Tire and Repair we offer a variety of automotive repair services to meet all your car care needs.  We are your one stop shop repair facility. You no longer need to worry about making appointments for any other services that your car may need.  We take care of that for you, so you don't have to.

Has that annoying Check Eng. Light ever come on and made you worry?  Maybe your car doesn't run quite right?  We Can Fix That!
You ever have an Electrical Problem with your car? Maybe your windows, lights, door locks or other electrical things don't work on your car.  You've checked around and no one does electrical repairs.  We Can Fix That!
Have you ever been driving your car, and it felt like you were in a sauna, because the Air Conditioning didn't work?  Or have you ever had icicles hanging off the mirror and your nose, because the heater didn't work?  Does it seem like no one can fix the problem?  We Can Fix That!
You ever noticed your Anti-Lock Brake Light on and thought, Oh no my brakes won't work?  Or have you had to stop for an emergency and thought you wouldn't?  We Can Fix That!

Contact Information:

Aberdeen, SD 57401
Phone: 6052621001
Website: http://speedystireandrepair.com/